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cTrader ID (cTID)

cTrader ID (cTID) is a set of credentials used for signing in across all cTrader platforms across different brokers by using a single identifier.

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With the first launch of cTrader Mac, a cTID register form will pop up automatically. Here, you can sign up for a new cTID, or log in with the existing one.

Creating a New cTID

To create a new cTID, enter your email and password. Then press 'Create cTrader ID'.

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Alternatively, you can sign up with socials.

Read our dedicated guide on a new cTID creation.

Logging In

If you created a cTID before, use your set of credentials to enter cTrader Mac.

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You can also sign in with your social accounts, Facebook or Google.

Managing cTID

To manage your cTID, open the account selector in the top right corner of the cTrader window.

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By clicking on the corresponding buttons, you can access active sessions, change your credentials, and open other settings of the cTID website.

To reset the cTID password from the sign in window, click on 'Forgot password?'.