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What is cTID and why do I need it?

cTrader ID (cTID) is a single identifier that allows for accessing all cTrader platforms across different brokers and switching between your trading accounts with one click. Logging in with your cTID is the only way to sign in to cTrader. Read about creating and managing cTID in our guide.

You cannot link or unlink a trading account to your cTID on your own, nor can you delete a trading account or a cTID. Please contact your broker for help.

What types of trading accounts does cTrader offer?

cTrader allows trading with netting or hedging accounts in live or demo modes. Learn more about opening a trading account and account types.

When does my cTrader demo account expire?

Each broker has different expiration settings for demo accounts. It can be 15, 30, 45, or 90 days after the last logout. Please contact your broker regarding the expiration conditions.

Can I open a live account?

Yes, to open a live account, contact one of our supported brokers.

What is the minimum deposit amount required for a live account?

Trading with real funds on a live account is controlled by the broker. Please contact your broker regarding their deposit policy.

Can I access the same account from different devices?

Yes, cTrader offers cross-platform accessibility and you can trade from cTrader Mac, cTrader Desktop, cTrader Web, and cTrader Mobile (for iOS and Android).

Can I share my account access with a money manager?

Yes, cTrader allows users to share their account access with a third party. When access is shared, another trader can trade on your behalf. Still, money managers cannot deposit or withdraw funds from your account, and you can stop sharing the account at any time maintaining full control. Read more about the shared access feature.

Where do price quotes come from?

Each broker has their liquidity providers (e.g., Barclays, UBS, Reuters, etc.) who provide the live quotes.

How does cTrader calculate margin when positions are hedged (the symbol is both bought and sold)?

For hedged positions, cTrader calculates margin based on the trade direction with the highest volume and margin required. If for a specific symbol, the total margin required for sell positions exceeds the total margin required for buy positions, cTrader will calculate margin only for the total sell volume.

What happens to my open positions when I log out of cTrader?

The current open positions will not be closed until the existing stop loss, take profit, or stop out level is reached. The existing limit orders will still be filled if the entry rate is met.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies with cTrader?

Cryptocurrencies are available in cTrader by default. However, note that each broker suggests their ow

But you should note that each broker can suggest his own set of trading instruments, therefore we recommend contacting your broker to check if he supports the cryptocurrencies trading.

Where can I access my open positions and pending orders?

They are listed in the 'Positions' and 'Orders' tabs of the Trade Watch panel. Check our guide on Trade Watch.

Where can I view my trading history?

The trading history is shown in the 'History' tab of the Trade Watch panel.

Where can I find my overall profit or loss on a position?

You can track all your trading statistics including the overall profit or loss in the 'History' tab of the Trade Watch panel.

Can I invest in strategies in cTrader?

Yes, cTrader Copy is a full-fledged social trading platform where you can copy other traders' strategies. The performance of each strategy is transparent and you can choose between free strategies and for-fee strategies. Read more about investing in strategies.

Can I become a strategy provider in cTrader?

Yes, you can provide a strategy from any of your trading accounts in cTrader Copy. Follow the instructions in our guide on how to become a strategy provider.

Can I use trading robots in cTrader?

Yes, cTrader Algo is a dedicated application for algorithmic trading in cTrader Mac. You can develop and run cBots in it.

Can I use custom indicators in cTrader?

Yes, custom indicators are availabe in the Algo application. You can add them on the trading chart and manage in cTrader Mac.

How do I withdraw funds?

Trading with real money on live accounts is controlled by the broker. Please inquire with your broker about the withdrawal process.