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The Copy section is the section where you can find all functionality required to manage your copy trading.

UI Layout

The UI of the Copy section consists of the following elements

  • List of strategies
  • Search box
  • Top right menu

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Search Strategies

In the top right corner, you can find a search button.

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By clicking on the button, you will receive a search box where you can type the name of a strategy.

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Filter and Sort Strategies

By clicking on the top right corner, a menu will pop with following available options:

  • Filter Strategies
  • Sort Strategies
  • Layout

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Filter Strategies

By selecting Filter Strategies from the menu the below screen will appear.

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In this screen you can select the filters you want to apply to your strategy search.

The available filters are the following:

  • Account Type. The type of the strategy account, Demo or Live.
  • Strategy Age. The age of the strategy, in other words for how long has this strategy been available for.
  • ROI%. The minimum ROI the strategy should have.
  • ROI Period. The period for which the minimum ROI will be evaluated.
  • Copiers. The minimum number of copiers the strategy should have.
  • Copying Capital. The minimum copying capital the strategy should have.
  • Volume Fee. The range of the volume fee charged by the strategy.
  • Management Fee. The range of the management fee charged by the strategy.
  • Performance Fee. The range of the performance fee charged by the strategy.

Sort Strategies

By selecting Sort Strategies from the menu the below options will appear.

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Here you can select the way the strategies are sorted, first by ascending or descending order and then based on one of the following metrics

  • Rank. A proprietary sorting method based on a number of different factors.
  • ROI. The ROI for the filtered period.
  • Copiers. The number of accounts following this strategy.
  • Copying Capital(Live). The total amount of live capital following this strategy.


The strategy list is divided into three tabs. The tabs are the following

  • Strategies. All strategies available on cTrader Copy
  • Copying. All the strategies you are currently copying
  • Favorites. Your Favorite Strategies

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Strategy Profile

By tapping on a Strategy, you will be transferred to the Strategy Profile page. Here you can see two tabs, Overview and Description.

In the Overview section you can review the following strategy stats


Here you can see a chart with the ROI of the strategy over time, for the selected period

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All Trades

In the All Trades section, the basic financial statistics of the account behind the strategy are displayed. Here you can view:

  • Net Profit - the total Net profit of the account.
  • Profit Factor - the ratio of the total Net Profit divided by the total Net Loss of the strategy.
  • Percent Profitable - the number of winning trades divided by the total number of trades.
  • Max Balance Drawdown - the maximum percentage of balance drawdown.
  • Starting Balance - the account balance when the account was created.
  • Current Balance - current account balance.
  • Equity - the account balance minus Unrealized Net Loss plus Unrealized Net Profit.
  • Deposits - the total deposits of the account.
  • Withdrawals - the total withdrawals from the account.
  • Margin Used - the maximum margin between the sum of all long or all short positions margins used.
  • Active Since - the date when the strategy was provided for copying.

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Strategy Details

In the Strategy Details section, you can see the following details about the strategy:

  • Currency. The strategy account's currency.
  • Leverage. The strategy account's leverage.

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In the Copiers section, you can view:

  • Currently Copying - The number of accounts currently copying the strategy
  • All Time Copied - The number of accounts copied this strategy at any time
  • Copying Capital(Live) - The total capital copying this strategy from live accounts only.

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Start Copying On the bottom of the strategy profile, you can find the Start Copying button

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By pressing on the button the following screen will appear

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Here you can configure the invested amount and from which account will this amount be deducted.

Strategy Description

In the description section of the strategy profile, you can read the description of the strategy as it has been provided by the strategy provider.