Chart Context Menu

Click anywhere on your active chart to invoke the Chart Context Menu which gives you quick access to many of the cTrader features and UI elements like creating New Orders, setting the Price Alerts, modifying the chart and managing the chart objects, etc, directly from the chart.

You can find the detailed information on creating Orders and Price Alerts in the Chart Trading section of the present Guide.

The options like ChartShots and Colour OPtions are available from the Instruments Toolbar (please see the respective section of the Guide).

The options like Duplicate Chart, Chart Templates and Types, Time Periods, Zoom In and Out, and Indicators are available from the Chart Toolbar to the top (see the Chart Toolbar section of the Guide).

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Use the Symbol option to select the desired symbol for the active chart.

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Use the Duplicate Chart option to open a new chart with all the Objects and Indicators placed on the current chart in a new window.

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Use the Viewing Options to show or hide the desired chart elements like Positions and Orders, Grid, Bid and Ask Price lines, etc.

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Last update: July 26, 2022