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cTrader сharts represent graphically the price movements of a symbol over time. The chart is the most basic tool for trading technical analysis. cTrader has a comprehensive chart customization system that allows taking the most out of them.

The QuickTrade mode and in-chart trading tools allow opening all types of orders, closing the positions, setting up protections, and Price Alerts directly in the charts.

In cTrader, you can have simultaneously as many charts on the screen as you need, add new charts, move them around the Charts area, and change the Chart Modes to change the layout of the charts on the screen.

Note that all your actions with a chart will apply to the Active Chart - the one you have selected by clicking on it. The active chart is slightly highlighted when you have several charts opened at the same time.

Use the shortcuts Ctrl+a, Ctrl+b, and Ctrl+g to enable or disable the Ask price line, the Bid price line, and the chart background grid respectively.

Use the keyboard arrow to navigate over the chart: ← - scroll 2 trend bars left, → - scroll 2 trend bars right, ↑ - previous timeframe, ↓ - next timeframe.

Scroll the mouse wheel up and down to move the chart right and left.

Use Ctrl+scroll on a PC or Command+scroll on an iMac to zoom the chart.

Open Charts

When you have selected a symbol on the Active Symbol panel, click the Chart icon () to open the corresponding chart or just right click on the symbol in the panel, and select New Chart from the submenu.

Alternatively, right click on the open position or pending order, and select Open Chart – the new chart will be added.

If you do not want to add new charts, you can change the symbol of the current opened Chart. Click on the Symbol to the upper left of the currently opened chart and select the desired Symbol from the drop-down.

If you use the Single Chart Mode, then you can open a new chart by clicking the “+” icon next to the opened chart tab. Click the Plus icon and select the desired symbol to open a new chart.