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How Widgets Work

Widgets are a feature of cTrader Web that allow you to embed the cTrader platform or certain parts of it on external web resources. Working with widgets is exactly the same as embedding anything else on the Internet: you receive a special code that you can copy and paste on any suitable area of another website. Working with widgets is contained within the 'Widgets' app in cTrader Web.

Here is a summary of how widgets can benefit you.

Widgets in One Minute!

  • Widgets can be placed almost anywhere. Add them to your website to show new opportunities for investment or attract new traders to cTrader Web!
  • Widgets can significantly improve any web resource you own. With widgets, it is entirely possible for your website to have a fully-functional embedded trading platform inside it without the need to send visitors anywhere else.
  • Widgets make getting new Copy investors incredibly easy. Simply embed your strategy on any suitable website and your audiences will be able to start investing in one click!
  • All widgets can get you new invited traders. When someone new interacts with your widget and logs in, they will become your invited trader with a possibility of becoming your referral.


To access the functionality of a widget, a user has to log in to cTrader Web. Most widgets provide the opportunity to log in without leaving the resource where they are embedded.

Using widgets is easy: all you have to do is select the widget from the main page in the 'Widgets' application. Afterward, configure its settings and copy the code from the 'Embedded Code' window.

Depending on the web resource you use, you have several options for where to paste the code.

  • If you have access to raw HTML code, you can simply paste the code in an appropriate HTML container.
  • If your resource has an admin panel, the panel should typically have the option to add custom JavaScript and HTML to every page. If that is the case, provide the admin panel with the embedded code.
  • If your resource is managed by a third party, provide them with the embedded code.

Types of Widgets

cTrader Web currently supports the following types of widgets.

For detailed instructions on how to use each of these widgets, click here.

For an explanation of the key components of embed codes, click here.