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Active Symbol Panel (ASP)

A symbol is a financial instrument, any tradable asset purchased by an investor. cTrader is a multi-asset-class CFD trading app that allows investors to profit from stocks, indices, commodities, Forex, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

The Active Symbol panel (to the right) provides access to all details about the selected symbol and allows entering trades directly from the panel. The panel is displayed by default but in case it is hidden proceed to the Layout settings and select Show Active Symbol Panel.

Symbol tab

Click on the symbol title to the upper left to select an active symbol from the suggested lists from the drop-down.

Select All Symbols to see all the symbols available for trading, sorted by markets. Click on the market to expand it, then click on the symbol to select it.

You can also filter symbols by typing in the name of the symbol in the search box above or click Watchlists to select a symbol from one of your Watchlists.

New Order Section

The Active Symbol New Order section is located right under the symbol title, it allows placing orders of all 4 types - Market, Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit orders. To place an order, select Order type and direction, specify volume, specify Stop Loss and Take Profit levels if prompted, and click Place Order.

Symbol Information

The Active Symbol contains all the comprehensive symbol information right below the New Order section. Click on a drop-down button next to the desired section to expand it.

The following information on the selected symbol is displayed here:

  • Trading Central - the integrated Trading Central tab. Trading Central suite is a combination of analyst research and patented pattern recognition, that serves to help investors participate in financial markets. Click Show Description to check the full Trading Central technical analysis for the symbol.

  • Depth of Market (Standard) - the total amount of the open Buy and Sell orders for a symbol at different prices. Find more details here.

  • Calendar - automatically displays the most significant events of the main markets. Data in the calendar is displayed in chronological order, divided by day. Click See More to proceed to the full calendar.

  • Market Details - the full list of the Market Details of the symbol, including Base and Quote assets, Minimum Change, Pip Position, Lot Size, Commission (per Lot), Minimum and Maximum Trade Quantity, Swap Long and Shot, 3-Days Swap, Buy and Sell Positions, FIX Symbol ID.

  • Inverted Rate (for the Forex symbols only) - bid and ask exchange rates for the symbol.

  • Market Hours - the open market schedule for the symbol. The current date is highlighted with the green dot. The time left until the market will close or open is displayed in real-time next to the respective date.

  • Trade Statistics - the full statistics of trading the symbol within the current trading account including Net Profit, Profit Factor, Commission, Max Balance Drawdown, Total, Winning, and Losing Trades, Largest Winning and Losing Trades, Average Trade, Total and Average Pips, Average Trade Duration, Volume Trader, Sharpe and Sortino Ratio.

  • Leverage - the required leverage for trading the symbol.

DoM tab

The Depth of Market (Dom) tab allows tracking the Depth of Market of a required symbol in real-time and placing orders using the particular DoM settings. Please check the DoM section of the present guide to learn the detailed information on how to use it.

Calendar tab

The Economic Calendar displays the most significant events of the main markets in real-time. Data in the calendar is displayed in chronological order, divided by day. Click on an event to expand its details.

Autochartist tab

The Autochartist is a market-scanning tool designed to highlight the best trading opportunities, helping traders to decide what and when to trade, finding good trade opportunities in real-time. These opportunities are represented on price charts, so a trader can choose trades by simply evaluating the images. You can find detailed information on the Autochartist here.

Click on an item in the Autochartist list to open its details.

News tab

The News tab is a strategic tool for providing all in one news experience for traders in real-time. Select General or Crypto section to view the current news for the respective industry domain.