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cTrader Settings allow configuring the trading accounts properties and email alerts, the application basic options, the FIX API and connection settings.

Click the Settings button to the lower left () to open the cTrader Settings menu.



The Trading Account Properties section allows viewing and configuring:

  • Account Number - the current trading account number (view only).
  • Currency - the current trading account currency. Can be changed only for the trading accounts that have never been traded (accounts with empty history).
  • Leverage - the leverage of the current trading account.
  • Account Type - Netted or Hedged.


You can change the account properties only when all the open positions are closed. Also, the availability of the options may depend on your broker.

Email Alerts

Check the desired items from the Email Alerts section to enable email notifications on the corresponding events:

  • Take Profit - each time a position reaches the Take Profit level;
  • Stop Loss - each time a position reaches the Stop Loss level;
  • Pending Order Filled - each time a pending order is filled;
  • Smart Stop Out - each time the margin falls below the Stop Out level;
  • Custom Margin Calls - each time any of the 3 manually set margin calls trigger;
  • Deposits/Withdrawals - each time any funds transfer on the account occurs;
  • Email Statements - trading account statements.
  • Price Alerts - enables the email notification when the price alerts are reached.


These settings will apply only to the current trading account.

Also, keep in mind that each custom margin call is triggered only once and then turns off automatically.



The General cTrader Application settings allow to configure:

  • Language - select the desired interface language and click OK in the pop-up to apply changes.
  • Sounds - enable or disable application sounds.
  • Color Theme - select Dark or Light UI color theme.
  • Layout Mode - select whether you would like the Active Symbol and the TradeWatch panels to be displayed on the main screen. You can also toggle these panels from the main screen with the Layout button ().
  • Font Size - select the size of all the UI texts.
  • History Deals - enable All History item in the Period drop-down in the History tab of the TradeWatch panel. If you select this option you will be able to see all the deals ever closed. This may significantly impact the performance of the cTrader app.
  • Privacy - trading account details displayed to the upper right of the application. Check the respective items to be displayed, otherwise, the unchecked account details will be hidden.
  • Active Chart - set the desired charts behaviour when selecting a symbol from the MarketWatch, TradeWatch, or Active Symbol Panel.


General settings are Workspace-specific.

Workspaces saved in cTrader Desktop do not apply to the web version of cTrader and vice versa.


Set the default asset trading units (units or lots). Additionally, check the Set unit price per asset class box to set the trading units for the different asset classes separately.


Trading units are Workspace-specific. If you change the Workspace, the trading unit settings will return to default.

Market Watch

The Market Watch settings allow enabling or disabling the Daily Change and the Single click on the Market Watch.

  • Daily Change option allows displaying the difference between the symbol closing price on the previous day and the opening price on the current day directly in the Symbols list.
  • Single Click - select to apply the double click for the Symbol Tile with DoM or Active Symbol Panel.
  • Double Click - set to select the double click for the New Order Window, New Chart, New Detached Chart, or disable double click.
  • Default DoM Type - select the Standard, Price, or VWAP default DoM type.

The Daily Change option allows displaying the difference between the symbol closing price on the previous day and the opening price on the current day directly in the Symbols list.


The Market Watch settings are Workspace-specific.


Notifications settings allow enabling or disabling all the event pop-up notifications inside the app.

By default, all the notifications are enabled. You can select to show only the Error notifications, the Last notifications of disable all.


QuickTrade is the fast trading mode that allows users creating orders, adding volume or reversing open positions with one click directly from the MarketWatch or the symbol chart.

It is a one-step process with no confirmation required. The QuickTrade feature as the name implies is designed for the faster trading process. Just click or double-click (depending on your settings) on a Buy or Sell button in the Chart or in the MarketWatch, or use the buttons in the Positions tab on the TradeWatch panel, and the corresponding order or request will be sent.

By default, the QuickTrade is set to send Market Orders by clicking once. Configure it as you wish it to work.

In the QuickTrade Settings select Single-Click or Double-Click to configure the QuickTrade mode, or Disabled to turn the QuickTrade off.

Market, Stop, and Limit orders are available in the QuickTrade mode.

In the Order Type Settings section, select the corresponding tab and configure the Stop Loss and Take Profit settings separately for orders of each type.

You can also narrow or widen the market range for Market Orders, change the Stop order trigger, and use Trailing Stop Loss for all order types.


You can create Stop and Limit orders directly in the Charts by right-clicking and selecting the corresponding item from the submenu. The price depends on where you have clicked.

Before the first use of the QuickTrade, you should read and agree to the terms and conditions of QuickTrade.

QuickTrade mode is Workspace-specific. This makes it very easy to have different QuickTrade settings for different Workspaces.

When done, click Apply to save changes.


Select Hotkeys to view all the hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts available to operate in the app. The Hotkeys can significantly improve the speed and comfort of trading.


You cannot customize the Hotkeys in the web version of cTrader.



FIX API is an industry-standard connection protocol for high-speed and efficient exchange of information.

With the FIX API protocol, traders can create their own trading systems and algorithms that will make decisions based on the information that they receive from multiple sources.

In the cTrader FIX API settings section, you can find the direct link to cTrader FIX API help page, and copy the API connection credentials to connect your algorithm to the network.