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Price Alerts

Price alerts are a worthwhile mechanism for traders who wish to stay on top of their game by responding to buying and selling opportunities on time. The sharing functionality of price alerts has been demanded by proactive traders seeking to notify others for educational purposes and give a strategic insight to their audience.

This guide will showcase how to share price alerts in cTrader Web and explain the meaning of all parameters in price alert links.

Sharing Price Alerts in One Minute!

  • The sharing functionality of price alerts allows traders to quickly notify their audience about critical price movements.
  • Any price alert can be shared as a link, which is copied to your clipboard by clicking on just one button available in several areas of the UI.
  • Price alert links contain distinct user-readable parameters, which may be modified even outside of cTrader. If present, the (u) parameter enables trader attribution in cTrader Invite.
  • You can share price alerts via all social media channels instead of sending alarm messages with plain text. The links can be opened across all cTrader platforms.

How to Share Price Alerts

A full guide on how to create and manage price alerts is available here.

If you hover over the yellow price alert label or line, a sharing button will become visible. By clicking on this button, you copy the price alert link to your clipboard. A pop-up notification in the top right corner will confirm that copying was successful.

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If the ‘Price Alert’ button in the toolbox remains pressed, the sharing button will not appear in the chart area even if you hover over the yellow price alert label/line.


If you have modified a price alert by moving it up or down along the price axis, do not forget to click on the ‘Share’ button again to copy the updated link.

Alternatively, you can find the ‘Share’ button of any active alert in the ‘Price Alerts’ tab of the TradeWatch panel below the chart area.

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Every price alert link you are sharing is a URL that is comprised of specific parameters and their values. The first parameter is introduced via a question mark while all subsequent parameters are preceded by the ‘&’ sign.

The table below provides the full list of parameters used for generating price alert links.

The following table summarises all parameters for generating signal links for orders.

Parameter Mandatory? Possible Values Definition
create/{SymbolName} Yes Any valid symbol name. The symbol for which the price alert is shared.
?pt / ?price-type Yes Either bid or ask. The kind of price alerts should react to.
?a / ?aim Yes Either higher or lower. The condition of triggering to a price.
?p / ?price Yes Any valid price with the dot as a decimal separator. The price of triggering.
?c / ?comment No Any comment in Latin characters (max. 100 characters). The text/numbers from the ‘Comment’ field of the related order.
?u / ?partnerId No Any valid user nickname (for ?u) or partner identifier (for ?partnerId). A special parameter for trader attribution. If it is provided, all users who pass through the signal links will be attributed to the user with the specified.

Hence, the above example of the price alert link can be interpreted as follows. The price alert will be called off for the EURUSD symbol (create/EURUSD), the ask type of price (?pt=ask), on condition that the price will exceed the indicated meaning (&a=higher), the trigger price set at 1.09248 (&p=1.09248), the comment saying that “Price Alert created at: 06 Apr 2023 14:09:29” (&c=Price%20Alert%20created%20at%3A%2006%20Apr%202023%2014%3A09%3A29), and the user nickname (&u=nickname).


The same way as all other cTrader URLs with a (u) parameter, price alert links work as Invite links and execute trader attribution in branded applications. Learn more about the benefits of cTrader Invite and multi-functional Invite links.

Since price alert links remain readable for traders, they can be modified even on the go outside of cTrader. For example, you can replace other traders' nicknames with yours if you are sharing someone else's price alert links. In this case, traders who follow such links will be attributed to you in cTrader Invite.


You can create several price alert links for different symbols, price types, conditions, and risk tolerance levels manually. Alternatively, you can automate the process of link creation to your preferred AI chatbot, which will recognise the link parameters and fill them in for you.

In summary, we would like to highlight the following benefits of sharing price alerts.

  • A convenient and quick way to communicate with your audience that will engage more traders. Due to the comment parameter, price alert links become self-explanatory.
  • User-readable links that can be modified even outside of cTrader. You can create price alert links in bulk being guided by their sample structure.
  • Any communication channel is suitable for sharing price alert links, and they work better than plain text messages.
  • You can simultaneously engage and attribute traders in cTrader Invite sharing price alert links.
  • From a user perspective, shared price alerts attract attention via multiple signals, including in-app pop-ups, sounds, and emails.