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cTrader QuickTrade panel allows you to use one simple one click or/and drag and drop interface elements in your trading, to modify orders and positions. Before start using QuickTrade, you have to configure the QuickTrade Execution Settings. They will be presented each time you attempt to use a QuickTrade button prior to accepting the terms and conditions. At and time you can click button on the control panel in the top right corner of your cTarder terminal to launch the window again to reconfigure settings.

  1. In the newly opened window you have to select a QuickTrade mode:
    • Single Click - the order will be sent to your broker after a single click on the Buy or Sell button.This option is the fastest way to work with QuickTrade panel.
    • Double Click - the order will be sent to your broker after a double click on the Buy or Sell button. This option will slow down your work with QuickTrade panel a little, but it will prevent you from opening orders with accidental clicks.
    • Disabled - this option will make the QuickTrade panel to work like a regular “New Order” button - after clicking on Buy or Sell button, there will be New Order Window opened.
  2. You can configure the properties for each order type individually while using QuickTrade, these include:
    • Market Range + Distance;
    • Stop Loss + Distance + Trigger Method;
    • Take profit + Distance;
    • Trailing Stop enabled.

Each order type can have different settings and these preferences will be applied to the corresponding order type created when using QuickTrade

QuickTrade Panel on Chart

  1. Buy and Sell buttons allow you to place the orders with one click.
  2. Order volume dropdown allows you to quickly change the order volume.
  3. Pending order drag and drop elements allow you to create the pending orders by simply dragging it to the required price on the chart. cTrader will automatically set it to Stop or Limit order based on the position against the current price.
  4. Market Sentiment Indicator