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The QuickLinks Toolbar is located to the upper right of the platform main page and contains the following options: Spotware cTrader (managing accounts), Tools, Links, Help, Create New Order, Layouts, Workspaces, Account bar, and cTID bar.

  • cTrader - quick access to the Open Demo/Live Accounts and Exit cTrader option.
  • Links - quick access to the cTrader mobile and web products, cTrader social media pages, cBots, Indicators, MarketWatch, cTrader Developers Network.
  • Help - quick access to cTrader Help Guide, tutorial videos, news, and contacts.
  • New Order - the standard cTrader New Order button. Click to open the New Order menu to create a new order.
  • Layout bar - allows showing or hiding the Active Symbol Panel and the Tradewatch. Click and select the desired options from the drop-down.
  • Workspaces bar - allows switching between the Workspaces or save the current workspace. Check the detailed explanation of the Workspaces above in this documentation.
  • The Account bar - allows switching between the current cTID trading accounts and creating the Demo accounts. Check the detailed explanation of the Account bar above in this section.
  • cTrader ID bar - allows managing your cTrader ID settings. Check the detailed information on cTID and how to manage it in the respective section above.