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If you decide to integrate with the cTrader Open API using any of the .NET programming languages, our official .NET SDK is here to help.

What the .NET SDK Does

The .NET SDK contains a variety of helpful classes, methods, and solutions which, following their implementation, should allow you to focus on making your service better rather than having to create custom systems for establishing a TCP/WebSocket connection or sending/receiving Protobuf messages.


Open the NuGet package manager console and run the following command.

Install-Package cTrader.OpenAPI.Net

Alternatively, you can search for the cTrader.OpenAPI.NET package when working with the NuGet package manager solution.

The .NET SDK in GitHub

To view the GitHub repository for the .NET SDK, click here. If you want to suggest an improvement, simply fork the repo and open a pull request.

To view several samples of applications created via the .NET SDK, click here. You are free to reuse code from these samples in your own applications.