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Proxies / Endpoints

How to connect?

cTrader Open API uses several different proxies on different regions, for each region there are two different proxy, one for live accounts and one for demo accounts.

The live and demo environments are fully separated, you can't use a live proxy to get a demo account data or vice versa.

Open API proxies are same for both TCP and web socket connections.


Each Region consists of 4 physical proxies (2 demo and 2 live) located at different providers.

The proxies will be accessible by the following name scheme:

Region Demo Live
East US

Each hostname will resolve to one of 2 proxies. In case one of the proxies will fail then the second proxy will take over the role under the same name.

To use each region individual proxy you can add 1 or 2 after the region name:

Region Demo Live



East US


If you faced any connection issue try to use a region individual proxy, not the resolving proxies, it will help us to find the issue.

When connecting directly to API proxies instead of using aggregator / resolver proxies you might not be able to connect, on that case try other proxy of same region.

Old Proxies

In the past we had just two proxy:

Demo Live

In order to keep compatibility with our old setup we will maintain them which will resolve based on GeoIP to the relevant region new proxies.


The proxies are subject to the following limitations:

  • 50 requests per second per application for non historical data requests.
  • 5 requests per second per application for historical data requests.
  • 25 concurrent connections per application.

Last update: February 6, 2023