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The cTrader Open API exposes access to several proxies located in different regions so that you can minimize latency and ensure that your service functions as smoothly as possible.

Fortunately, you do not have to choose the most suitable proxy manually. By leveraging the power of the AWS Global Accelerator, our Open API allows for connecting to just one endpoint; afterward, your client will be redirected to the closes proxy we have available.

Connecting to Endpoints

The following endpoints are exposed for connecting to our Open API proxies.

Live Demo (for operating with Protobufs) (for operating with Protobufs) (for operating with JSON) (for operating with JSON)

Protobuf vs JSON

Note that operating with Protobuf always requires a connection to port 5035 (and only this port). Operating with JSON always requires a connection with port 5036 (and only this port).

Live and Demo Environments

Note that demo and live environments are fully separated. If you connect to a live endpoint, you cannot use demo accounts in your application, and vice versa. If your application needs to operate on behalf of demo and live accounts simultaneously you would need to establish and maintain two separate connections.

TCP vs. WebSocket

The endpoints are the same for TCP and WebSocket connections. Note that ports 5035 and 5036 both support TCP and WebSocket connections.

The process of connecting to the endpoints is covered in our 'Establishing a Connection' tutorial.