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Python SDK

The Python SDK greatly simplifies integration with the cTrader Open API for anyone who uses Python. This SDK is developed and maintained entirely by Spotware.

What the Python SDK Does

The Python SDK uses the Twisted library to send and receive messages asynchronously. This way, there is no need to specifically wait for a messages to be sent/received before performing certain actions; instead, you can add your logics to callback functions so that certain code is repeatedly executed on every new message sent/received.


To install the Python SDK, simply run the following command while inside your project environment.

pip install ctrader-open-api

The Python SDK in GitHub

To view the GitHub repository for the Python SDK, click here. If you want to suggest an improvement, simply fork the repo and open a pull request.

To view several samples of applications created via the Python SDK, click here. You are free to reuse code from these samples in your own applications.