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Getting Started


This section of the Help Centre is dedicated to helping social traders and partners achieve higher efficacy by fully leveraging valuable cTrader features in unique ways.

Who Are Partners and Social Traders?

Partners are professional traders who work in close collaboration with their broker by helping other traders in various ways (e.g., by sharing technical analysis). To receive compensation for their work, partners enroll in their broker's referall program; typically, this compensation takes the form of various rebates. In turn, social traders are traders who regularly share trading-related analytics and knowledge on digital communications platforms. Social trading does not necessarily involve any additional remuneration. Not all social traders are partners but nearly all partners are skilled social traders.

If you have not considered branching out into social trading/partnership before, here are just some of the benefits you may gain when doing so.

  • Building/participating in trading communities where each participant shares knowledge.
  • Quickly and easily learning from others and improving your approach to trading by attaining feedback from your peers.
  • Attaining a social media following from other traders who may consider your trading insight to be reliable and effective.
  • The possibility of earning additional remuneration from your broker as part of the referral programme.
What Is cTrader Invite?

To equip partners for trader attribution, cTrader offers the 'Invite' application with its handy functionalities to manage Invite links and share QR codes, track invited traders' statistics, display personal contacts, and promote partner products. cTrader Invite is an all-in-one solution allowing partners to boost the conversion of new traders into active live investors.

If you are a social trader/partner, the guides in this section should help you plan your activities and execute your plans to their fullest potential. Even if you have not considered branching out into social trading before, the guides in this section should prove useful in understanding how you can share trading knowledge via built-in cTrader features.


Note that tutorials are divided into sub-sections based on the type of social trader/partner to which they may prove the most useful.

  • For educators. The guides in this sub-section discuss how you can easily and effectively share knowledge with other traders.
  • For money managers. In this sub-section, we demonstrate how you can improve the way you trade on behalf of others.
  • For networkers and affiliates. The tutorials in this sub-section showcase how you can effectively generate traffic for your web resources or those owned by your broker.

Last update: September 29, 2023