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For Social Traders

Who Are Social Traders

Social traders regularly share trading-related analytics, signals, strategies, etc. across various social media communities. Social trading does not necessarily involve any additional remuneration from the broker's side. Not all social traders are partners but nearly all partners are skilled social traders. We insist that social traders can radically multiply their income by becoming partners and using the cTrader tools that were designed for easy and convenient sharing.

cTrader Copy is the main instrument used by social traders. It serves as a social trading platform where skilled strategy providers create strategies for other traders to invest in. With some exceptions, the trades placed by a strategy provider are replicated by their investors. Therefore, whenever a strategy provider earns profits on their trades, their investors also benefit. In addition, strategy providers can establish various fee structures to earn additional money for attracting traders' attention to effective and popular strategties.

Other notable features for social traders to attract new investors include.

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Guides for Strategy Providers

To learn more about being an effective strategy provider, consult the following tutorials.

  • Turn Leads Into Strategy Investors. This guide discusses how you can effortlessly convert new leads into investors all the while maximising value for yourself and other traders.
  • Earn More Rebates. In this article, you will learn how to maximise your earnings from the broker's referral programme due to the fantastic features of cTrader.