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List of Partner Tools

cTrader offers many powerful tools for partners. To learn more about how cTrader tools can help you get more referrals, join our official Telegram channel.

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cTrader Invite

cTrader Invite is an all-in-one toolkit that greatly simplifies the process of getting new referrals.

If you have a referral link issued by your broker, paste it inside the 'Settings' tab of the 'Invite' app. After that, you will be able to get new referrals simply by sharing any link to cTrader including a signal link, a link to a Chart Stream, or a link to any Copy strategy.

Key Benefits

cTrader Invite delivers many benefits for partners, here are just some of them.

  • Ease of gaining referrals. By sharing attractive products (e.g., interesting Copy strategies), you send leads to the platform and motivate them to become traders. When a lead perform an action in cTrader, they will be sent to your broker for account creation.
  • Improved planning. cTrader Invite sends you a notification each time you gain a new invited trader; it also shows real-time statistics about how well your links are performing and how many traders you have invited recently. Using this information, you can effectively plan your future actions for gaining referrals.
  • Built-in partner promotion. You gain access to your personal profile page, which you can configure here. To create a personal brand, simply add an avatar, a description of yourself and a banner. cTrader automatically adds your products to this page and displays it to your invited traders inside the application.

Click here to learn more about using cTrader Invite.

Read our brochure with step-by-step instructions on cTrader Invite.

cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy is a feature-rich social trading platform.

It allows skilled traders to share their trading strategies with others. When a trader invests in a strategy, they will automatically make the same moves as the ones made by the strategy provider.

Key Benefits

cTrader Copy is perfect for any partner, and here's why.

  • Ease of gaining investors. You can easily share your strategies on any suitable channel. You can also embed strategies on any web resource you own such as a landing page. The strategy page includes detailed statistics, your avatar and a custom description, effortlessly attracting leads.
  • Increased rewards. As a strategy provider, you can collect fees from your investors. If these investors are also your referrals (which is easy to achieve with cTrader Invite), you will receive even more rewards.

Click here to learn more about cTrader Copy.

cTrader Automate

cTrader Automate is a turnkey solution for developing and running algorithms that is available in cTrader Desktop.

With cBots, you can fully automate trading operations in your or other traders' accounts. Use custom indicators in cTrader as a powerful educational tool that aids manual and algo trading.

Key Benefits

cTrader Automate is a must product for partners due to these benefits.

  • Speedy conversion. Your new referrals can immediately proceed to live trading with cBots even if they do not have experience in manual trading.
  • Full customisation. It is you who decides how algorithms will react to certain events and what operations will be performed. You can enter development easily or outsource programming cBots and indicators.
  • Extra income. You can sell successful cBots and indicators via your own distributions channels.

Click here to learn more about cTrader Automate.

Signal links allow you to provide trading signals to other traders at the tap of a button. This is done by simply sharing one of your existing pending orders or positions.

When a trader clicks on a signal link, they will be taken to cTrader. After the trader logs into the platform, they will be prompted to place an order whose parameters match the parameters of the order of position you shared.

Key Benefits

Signal links offer several major benefits.

  • Ease of sharing signals. Rather than making screenshots of your trading history or using text, you can generate and share a signal link in seconds.
  • Increased lead-to-trader conversion. Leads who click on a signal link immediately see the platform and are motivated to take advantage of the trading opportunity you are providing. As a result, they should quickly proceed with account registration and the first deposit.

Click here to learn more about using signal links.

Chart Streams

Via Chart Streams, you can share cTrader charts with other users.

When a trader clicks on a Chart Stream link, a new chart will be added to their terminal. Every bit of technical analysis or other modification you perform on the shared chart will be shown to all Stream watchers. This makes sharing knowledge easy and stress-free: you do not have to worry about using complex third-party solutions for recording your screen.

Key Benefits

Use Chart Streams to get these benefits.

  • Effective sharing of knowledge. You do not have to use anything else for educating others and all action is contained inside the platform.
  • Increased trust. Stream providers cannot fake their technical analysis, making watchers more motivated to trust you.

Click here to learn more about using Chart Streams.

Shared Access

Shared Access provides a safe and secure way to trade on behalf of others.

cTrader users can share their accounts with skilled traders with ease. This process does not involve sharing any sensitive data and access can be revoked at any time. If you gain access to an account, you can use the entire cTrader functionality to execute trade on its behalf.

Key Benefits

Shared Access benefits partners in several ways.

  • Secure money management. Shared Access retains full control in the hands of the account owner, which naturally boost trust toward the services of the trader with whom an account is shared.
  • Increased transparency. Account owners can see and track all operations executed on their behalf.

Other Tools

There are several other features that contribute to making the partner toolbox even richer.

  • Sharing deals is a great way to built authority among leads and send them to the platform.
  • Sharing symbols or price alerts can be used to alert leads to new trading opportunities, converting them into referrals.

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