Becoming a Partner

The cTrader Partner Center is only available for Live accounts that have been given this status by their broker.

You can find the Partner Center button to the lower left of the cTrader main menu.

To get Partner status you should contact your broker directly to find out their terms and conditions and complete any required agreements they may have.


Obtaining partner status steps may vary for different brokers. Please contact your broker for more details.

If you click on the Partner Center button () inside the platform from a Live Account without having Partner status yet, a message will pop up from a new window where you can submit a request to your broker for IB status.

Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Partner Agreement by checking the box, and click Request Partner Status.

When you submit the request, it will be sent to your broker immediately. If you have not received a response, you should contact your broker directly.

Once you have obtained access to the Partner Center, you can launch it directly from cTrader main menu by using the Partner Center button as described above.


If you try to enter cTrader Partner Center from a Demo Account, you will be presented with the below message telling you to either open a Live Account or log in to your Live Account.

Last update: January 30, 2023