Partner Accounts Tab

The Partner Accounts tab is the default tab of the Partner Center menu, it contains the details of the Partner client's accounts and a summary of the Partner's performance.

Use the Refresh button ( ) to refresh the information inside the tab. Once clicked the most up to date information will be displayed.

Use the Export to Excel button ( ) to export the current grid from the tab to the excel table.

The following Partner Account information is displayed in the grid:

  • Introduced Account - the account number given by the broker to the introduced client.
  • Status - Client if the account is a Trader, or Sub-Partner if the account is a Partner.
  • Creation Date - the exact date and time when the account was created.
  • Last Login - the exact date and time when the client has logged into his cTrader account the last time.
  • Balance - the account current balance.
  • Given Bonus - the remaining amount of the Total Bonus that was given by the Partner. As the Bonus is converted into the Balance, this value will be adjusted. Check the [Bonuses section] to learn more.
  • Contacts - brokers can choose to display the contact details of the introduced clients, Partners should contact their broker regarding this preference.
  • Current Volume - volume (calculated from deals) that this account has generated during the current calendar month.
  • Current Sub-Partner Volume - volume (calculated from deals) that this Sub-Partner's clients have generated during the current calendar month.
  • Rebate, % - the percentage of rebate the introduced client will receive from the Partner's profit, earned from the trading account. Here you can enter a value and apply a rebate to that client by clicking the Apply Rebate button ( ) Once a new value has been entered inside the Rebate, % column, the button will become green ( ). Once Apply Rebate is clicked, the rebate percentage entered will be applied to that account. By clicking the Give Bonus button ( ), a new window will open where the bonuses can be given. Check the Bonuses section to learn more.

To the bottom of the Partners Accounts tab the following information is displayed:

  • Total Clients - the summary of all the introduced clients.
    • Clients - the total number of regular trader's accounts.
    • Sub Partners - the number of accounts that are the Partners underneath the other Partners (Sub-Partners).
  • Rank (This Month) - the rank which the Partner is applied to for the current month, based on the previous month's achievements.
  • Rank (Next Month) - the summary of the rank progress with the expected number of months for each following rank to be achieved.
  • Total Group Volume the summary of the Partner's clients trading volumes which is applied to their rank progression, the first number is the total volume.
    • Your Volume - the volume which the Partner has traded.
    • Client Volume - the volume generated by the Partner's clients with regular trading accounts.
    • Sub Partner Volume - the volume generated by the Sub-Partners and their clients.

Last update: September 26, 2022